Velarium Queen

Velarium Queen is the new patented sliding cover system for multideck display chillers!

We are conscious of the increased costs associated with energy consumption, especially for businesses like supermarkets that use numerous multideck chillers for storing and displaying fresh food and drinks.

With the technology behind our Velarium Queen system, we give business owners the means to protect themselves against rapidly rising energy bills.

This is a real turning point!

In addition to cost savings, another important factor is that this system has been specifically designed to reduce CO2 emitted into the air.

With the recent increases in the cost of electricity affecting most businesses, a study conducted by Defra revealed that fridges and freezers alone are responsible for 30-60% of the energy used by supermarkets.

This expense is currently one of the biggest hurdles that store owners are having to contend with monthly.

As a result of the advantages that the Velarium Queen system offers store owners, in 2022 alone, we covered over 23 310 linear meters of refrigerated wall units. This resulted in a tangible positive impact to our planet and to the cost savings of business and store owners.

This was a great success keeping in mind how much less CO2 has been released into the air thanks to this technology and the fact that this system has saved store owners up to 40% of their energy consumption!

Here are some advantages


No more thermal shock


Increased dwell time in the fresh foods department


Improved product visibility


No obstruction in the aisle for the passage of trolleys


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